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Have a nice day . We wish to inform you regarding our efficient and reliable Kimatsu air coolers.
These Air coolers are also very efficient humidifiers beside air cooling through evaporation technology.

  • Evaporative air cooling is a natural way of air cooling like breeze flowing across a river.
  • It saves up to 70% on energy cost when compared to an air conditioner.
  • Evaporation air cooling is environmental friendly cooling system known for decades & recommended for dry climate.
  • Evaporation air cooling provides always fresh and natural air for healthy breathing.
  • When used with air conditioners it offers extra chilling and low power consumption.

Air cooler humidifiers balances the humidity level at 45 to 60% . The relative humidity is very low in Riyadh <= 25 % .

Let us study the effect of low humidity on human health and comfort

  • Dry air is damaging for your eyes , skin and respiratory system and even it makes you get sick more often.
  • Low Humidity also causes dry cough, blood from your Dry nose and skin gets flaky and itchy.
  • Eyes becomes dry and irritated due to very low level of humidity in the air.

So let us understand what is Humidity:

Humidity is amount of water vapor in the air and so proper air humidity is crucial to our health . Too much or too little humidity can result in serious health consequences.
Ideal indoor humidity ranges between 45 to 65% for good health however average annual relative humidity is less than 27% in Riyadh and nearby areas.
Relative humidity levels in Riyadh ranges from 9% in June to 35% in Jan / Feb as per Riyadh. Source from
These levels of humidity are already very low and most of us are using air conditioners 24 * 7 which further reduces the humidity to below 10% as air conditioners are Dehumidifiers and it removes the moisture from the air.

  • At these levels of humidity eyes becomes try and irritated & skin becomes flaky and itchy.
  • Low humidity inflames and dries out Mucous membrane lining and respiratory tract.
  • As a result the risk of cold flu , breathlessness and other infections are substantially increased

Dr Juhi advice is to maintain humidity levels between 45 to 65% & this can be easily achieved by using our Starway air coolers which are excellent humidifiers too. We have seen most of the people using small humidifiers which can you evaporate only 2 to 3 ltr of water is in 24 hours and this cannot change the humidity levels. Our Air cooler humidifiers can evaporate from 30 to 90 liters of water so increasing the humidity levels from 10% to ( 45 - 60% ) .

As recommended by Doctors Juhi , we must use 1 portable air cooler along with each Air conditioner for maintaining the humidity levels and and offering extra chilling.

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